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About Headaches





One of the problems that are caused when the lymph system malfunctions is a headache. A lot of headaches are a result of increased lymph in the tissue around the brain. This increased fluid causes pressure and therefore pain. The lymph from the head drains into the lymph nodes on the right side of the neck. So increased tension as a result of 'getting up tight' leads to so-called tension headaches.


By stimulating the lymph flow with Manual Lymph Drainage symptoms headaches can be reduced.

To maintain the lymph flow we use Connective Tissue Manipulation to the neck to reduce the tension around the base of the neck where the lymph empties into the blood stream. If you have a problem in the autumn with leaves blocking an outside drain, clearing the leaves helps the problem in the short term. Placing a cover over the drain will prevent the blockage recurring in the future.

So a patient with frequently recurring headaches is treated with Manual Lymph Drainage to alleviate their pain and Connective Tissue Manipulation so that their headaches become less and less frequent. The effects of Connective Tissue Manipulation are cumulative. Once the tension has been reduced by treatment that reduction is maintained.

The degree to which it is maintained is conditional upon the level of stress put into the system by the patient's lifestyle. See Migraine

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