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About Period Pains





How many women have painful periods and yet still think of themselves as normal? OK their periods may not be painful enough to seek help from their doctor but they perhaps take the odd painkiller and may be even lose a day off work and yet they still look upon this as normal behaviour.

Periods usually start in the early teens but occasionally they don't start until a girl is 14 or 15. This can be due to increased tension, causing a reduction in hormone production which in turn causes late onset or erratic periods. A pain free period every 28 days lasting 4 days is considered normal Periods are controlled by hormones. If for some reason the hormone levels are abnormal then the length, frequency and heaviness of the period changes. If the tension in connective tissue in the abdominal area is too high the normal constriction of blood vessels, prior to shedding of the lining of the womb, can feel much like cramp and be very painful.


Taking painkillers can help painful periods and balancing hormone output by taking the pill can sometimes ease heavy periods. Connective Tissue Manipulation helps to restore normal hormonal function. Connective Tissue Manipulation also reduces the connective tissue tension and allows the reproductive system to continue its normal cycle without discomfort.

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