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About Sleep Disorders





Sleep can be disturbed for all sorts of reasons including - mental problems - worrying about past or future happenings - illness in the family - problems at work - physical problems - pain in various parts of the body - a lumpy or uncomfortable place to sleep - the wrong temperature, too hot or too cold - needing to go to the toilet in the night - poor sleep patterns due to Increased tension in connective tissue - trauma - shift work - disturbed physical environment noise - partner on shifts etc

Patients may have difficulty getting off to sleep or may wake up in the middle of the night. They may wake up and stay awake for a long time or wake frequently for short periods of time.


If there is a physical problem or pain this must obviously be addressed first. If there is a stress problem talking it over may well be useful.

By using Manual Lymph Drainage and Connective Tissue Manipulation to treat the problem tension in the connective tissue can be released and the normal function of sleep control can be restored.

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