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About Arthritis






Arthritis is the Latin name for inflammation of a joint. This can be part of a generalised arthritic process throughout the body or as a result of trauma and injury to only one joint. An arthritic joint is swollen and painful. It may be red and hot and movement is painful. Around each joint is a capsule which contains the fluid used to lubricate the joint. If the entire joint capsule becomes inflamed, all or most of the movements of that joint will strain a different part of the capsule. So all or most of the movements will be painful or limited. Arthritis leads to a characteristic limitation of movement which varies from joint to joint. The more inflamed the capsule, the greater the limitation of movement. Whatever the cause of arthritis the pattern of limitation of movement is the same.

TREATMENT Early treatment with Connective Tissue Manipulation can help to alleviate the condition. Even after severe changes of wear and tear show up on X-ray the symptoms can be eased by treatment with Connective Tissue Manipulation to improve the circulation to the joint and thus reduce the inflammation and pain. The reduction in connective tissue tension can also help to improve range of movement in an arthritic joint. See frozen shoulder.

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