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Guinea Court, 6 Bell Street, Shaftesbury,
Dorset. SP7 8AR.

Conditions treated:

Jacqueline Flexney-Briscoe has over thirty yearsí experience as a Physiotherapist. As well as the practice in Shaftesbury she has rooms in Harley Street in London.

The Shaftesbury practice is in the county of Dorset, the Physio Centre provides a range of Physiotherapy techniques, including connective tissue manipulation, manual lymph drainage and the Mackenzie Exercise Regime, to treat a large range of conditions. Jacqueline Flexney-Briscoe's main objectives are to reduce pain, reduce tension, strengthen weakened muscles and so doing improve circulation, movement and function. Both recent and longstanding injuries can be treated.

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Dorset Physio - Also in Harley Street, London. London Physio Centre, sciatica treatment and back pain relief

Same day appointments: 07596 477222
Principal Physiotherapist: Jacqueline Flexney-Briscoe Grad Dip Phys, MCSP, SRP.

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