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Cold Hands and Feet




Cold extremities occur when the blood vessels are constricted or slightly obstructed often as a result of increased connective tissue tension around the blood vessels causing a reduction in the passage of blood through the skin. The hands or feet may change colour from pink through purple and blue even to white. As the part warms up again the hand changes colour in reverse order often with a feeling of throbbing or buzzing. It's a similar sensation to that experienced when your face thaws out when coming into the warm after being out in icy weather. A lot of us have cold hands or feet and just put up with it.

For some people it can be a serious problem especially if they get very cold. Someone who has to wear bed socks even in the summer or someone like the patient who needed 4 pairs of socks inside their wellies to work on the farm obviously needs help.

Some people's blood vessels are hypersensitive to cold and tend to go into spasm, a condition known as Reynaud's Syndrome. This is commonest in young women. The fingertips, then the fingers and even the whole hand become cold and go white. They go numb and have difficulty doing fine movements. Sometimes the feet are also affected. In the most extreme of circumstances where for some reason the blood supply to an area is restricted for a prolonged period of time frost bite or gangrene can occur.


By treating with Connective Tissue Manipulation the tension around the blood vessels can be reduced, the blood vessels can open up and blood flow increase.

The improvement in circulation is maintained and the effect is cumulative.

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