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About Cramp





Cramp is caused by a lack of circulation to the muscles. Muscles need oxygen and nutrients to convert into energy to allow us to play sport or perform exercises. As a result waste products are formed in the muscles. The circulation increases to meet these demands and get rid of these waste products. In people with poor circulation the blood flow isn't sufficient to get rid of all the waste products produced by the muscles during exercise. When this happens the waste products irritate the muscles causing an involuntary contraction which we call cramp. Professional sportsmen take great care to maintain the circulation immediately after exercise so that waste products are quickly removed from the muscles and therefore reduce the danger of cramp occurring. Most often, for non-sports people, cramp is associated with stretching feet into the cold part of the bed in the small hours. In this case the cumulation of being cold and immobile in bed is enough to cause the muscles to go into cramp. Cramp is usually relieved either by massaging and stretching the muscle or getting out of bed and walking about. This improves the circulation in the short term and allows the removal of the waste products causing the cramp.


Treatment with Connective Tissue Manipulation reduces the tension around the blood vessel walls and allows them to open up and allow better blood flow into the area. This improves the circulation in the longer term and reduces the frequency and the severity of episodes of cramp.

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