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About The Mackenzie Exercise Regime






Statistics show that 80% of us will experience back pain during our lifetime. With understanding of the working of the spine comes the ability to treat it with care and consideration. Back problems occur when a disc bulges backwards pressing on a nerve as it emerges from the spinal cord.

This pressure causes inflammation and swelling around the nerve and therefore pain. Once the disc has started to move, the position of the spine affects the pressure exerted by the disc. By understanding how we can affect and change the mechanics of the spine, back and neck pain can be alleviated with the Mackenzie Exercise Regime. The Regime helps to educate patients on ways to react when they first become aware that their back is in difficulties.

Simple stretching exercises and special ways of using 'push ups' help adjust the mechanics of the back and help shepherd the discs on the move back into their rightful position. See Back Pain

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